Got A Last Minute Self -Tape?

At Edit My Showreel we understand how last minute self-tapes can be. Trying to find a reader can be difficult at such short notice. That's where we come in.

You can come to us (E5, London) and we can help you film it. We have the camera, lights and mic. All you need to worry about is your acting.  For an extra £10 we will then look through your footage with you, choose the best take and put it all together.

Need Some Extra Footage?

Do you need some extra footage for your showreel? Maybe a filmed monologue or a simple scene(s). 

Gone are the days of needing fancy equipment and flashy cinematography - We just want to see great acting. 

We have all the equipment to help out and create an authentic looking showreel.  

For more information get in touch. 

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Our Reels

Our Reels
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