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What makes a great showreel?

Updated: Jan 22, 2020

We get this a lot...I'll walk you through some core principles that we stick to at Edit My Showreel, to make sure every reel is ace.


1. Length

Now it goes without saying, I'm sure you have a wonderful catalogue of Oscar worthy performances. But....casting directors, agents, producers, they're a busy bunch of people. So we try to stick to 120 seconds...max. Find it hard to pick the best bits? That's what we're here for.


2. Amount of Clips

"120 seconds means I can fit 400 clips into a montage right?" Well...we'd recommend not. Three or four clips, showing you at your best is ideal. Remember, your other work won't be forgotten about just because it isn't in your reel - that's what the wonderful guys at Spotlight are there for.


3. A Beautiful Opening Slate

Don't you worry - we include this as well. But here's why it's important. Agents will send each other reels and skim the footage. Say they like what they see, but find out to their annoyance there's no name, spotlight pin, or chance to get in touch. That's where the slate comes in handy. We'll pop all the info you need into a beautiful opening slate, including your headshot.


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