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What We Offer

Showreel Edit £89
24-hour delivery available for an additional £30


We know exactly how to tweak the colour, sound, and lighting to make your showreel look great. We can also add music when needed. We will cut the clips to give you the most screen time and create a smooth running order, on top of this we can design a sleek & professional opening slate to give your showreel that professional look. 

Sound Mixer Knobs


We have extensive experience in the industry and have an in-depth understanding of what agents and casting directors are looking for. We also have a great eye for what scenes we think will show you at your best. Alternatively, if you don't want us to do the picking and choosing that's also fine! Just tell us which bits you want. This a collaboration.


At £85 the standard package is one of the cheapest going for a professional showreel edit. We are fed up with seeing artists and actors being charged sky-high prices for industry must haves...that's why we keep our prices as low as possible and always will. 

Abstract Surface


We aim to get your showreel done and dusted as soon as possible. Alternatively, if it's an emergency we offer a 24-hour service for an additional £30. 

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